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Welcome to the HR Technology
Exhibitor Service Kit!

Use this as a guide to set up your Visitor Showcase

Logging into Swapcard
  1. Register all team members through exhibitor registration here: https://xpressreg.net/register/hrtc0224/exhibitor/login.asp
  2. Look for your HR Tech Online welcome email from noreply@swapcard.com giving you access to your Exhibitor Center.
  3. Follow the link received and create a password when prompted if you don't already have one.
  4. For future logins, go to https://login.swapcard.com.
How to Navigate the Exhibitor Center
  • Home: Find the welcome message from the event organizer.
  • Company profile: View and modify the information of the company for which you are exhibiting.
  • Meetings: Manage meeting requests that are sent to your company.
  • Leads board: View analytics for your company.
  • Your team: List of all your registered team members.
Tip: A Red dot indicates that you have a pending notification!
How to Edit Your Exhibitor Profile
  1. Go to your "Exhibitor Center" from your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Click on "Company profile" in the left side menu.
  3. To add or modify information, click on the "Edit" button in front of the section of your choice.
Tip: Your profile is your Visitor Showcase. Use the header to add a custom video or banner designed to draw in visitors.
Screenshot picture of the exhibitor center
Screenshot picture of the profile editor
Tip: Don't forget to tag your Visitor Showcase with a product category to attract your target audience!
Updating Your Visitor Showcase Header, Banner and Logo
  • Click on Home in Exhibitor Center and then click on Edit My Company Profile on the right side.
  • Highlight your company by adding your logo. We recommend using at least a 400x200px (2:1 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.
  • Upload your custom image or video! For images we recommend using a 1200 x 675 px (16:9 ratio) graphic, no larger than 1MB. For videos, first upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or any other video provider then paste the ID or SRC link in the Video ID bar.
Tip: Change up your video or image during the event to keep your profile fresh.
How to Get Your Video Link
  1. From YouTube, go to the video you would like to upload to your profile.
  2. Select the Share button under the bottom, right-hand corner of the video screen.
  3. Click on Copy to receive a link and then paste it into the video URL bar in Swapcard.
Screenshot picture of Youtube editor
  1. From Vimeo, go to the video you would like to upload to your profile.
  2. Select the Share button along the top, right-hand corner of the video screen.
  3. Copy the link provided and paste it into the video URL bar in Swapcard.
Screenshot picture of Vimeo editor
Updating Your Visitor Showcase Sidebar Banner
  • Click on Company profile then Advertising on the right side to add your banner. On web desktop, the image is displayed in a vertical banner ad on the left side of your company profile. On mobile, your ad appears at the bottom of it. Import a 1080x1920px (9:16 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.
Adding a background image
  • Click on Company profile then Background image on the right side to upload a background image to brand your company profile (desktop version only). Import a 2560x1600px (16:10 ratio) image, no larger than 1MB.
How to Add Documents
  1. Go to the "Company Profile" > "Documents & Links" section of your Exhibitor Center.
  2. Click on "Add Documents" on the right of your screen.
  3. Paste the link of the document, sales sheet, or marketing material, or click on the cloud to import a file from your computer.
  4. Give the document a title (mandatory) and a description. Be careful to respect the maximum number of characters for each field: 80 for the title, 160 for the description.
Screenshot picture of adding a document
Tip: You can upload many different types of files! Treat this section as your portfolio.
How to Add Products, Videos, Swag and Raffles
(based on sponsorship package)

  1. Go to your "Exhibitor Center" from your computer or mobile phone.
  2. Click on "Company profile" in the left side menu.
  3. Below "Documents", click on the item you would like to add.
  4. To add a new item, click on "Add" on the top right corner.
  5. Select a category, add the name, and add an optional description before validating. The product editing window will appear so that you can add a marketing display image.
  6. If adding a video, the link to the video must be added in the link section.
  7. All your items will now be visible from your Company profile, but also from the "corresponding section on the home page" once we go live!
Please note: product images work best with 1:1 ratio, height and width. If the photo you upload is not square, we suggest adding your image to a white square background to ensure your full image is displayed.
Screenshot picture of adding items
How Team Members are added to Swapcard
  1. Make sure all your team members are registered for HR Technology Online.
    Click here to register.
  2. Team Members are automatically added to your Visitor Showcase and will receive a Swapcard welcome email.
Please note that you cannot remove team members once added. Please contact Rohanna Sarkar at Rohaana.Sarkar@etcnetwork.com if you need assistance.
Tip: Encourage team reps to participate and interact for maximum lead generation.
Tip: Adding members to an exhibiting organization gives them several privileges:
•   ability to modify their company's page.
•   ability to answer and assign the meeting requests received.
•   ability to share with other members the contacts made during the event.

This is your first Visitor Showcase, where do you start?
The objective and goals for your Visitor Showcase should align with the goals for your company’s participation in the online event. Talk with your team to identify the direction your company would like to go. It is critical that goal definition be your first step, as it drives the decisions you make regarding the build-out of your Visitor Showcase.

Stand Out from the Crowd: Chances are there will be your competitors in their own Visitor Showcase which means your job is to figure out how to separate your company from the crowd. Think of something outside the box.
What content should you add?
The main elements of a Visitor Showcase are content (images, logos, documents, links and staff). Your first job is content curator: Review all the content available and decide which content to showcase. The content should align with the goals you discussed with your team.
Tip: Be sure to write an optimized description for your company in order to show up near the top of the search results.
If your video is your showcase design, your sidebar banner is your flashing neon sign!
Upload new photos throughout the 3-day event to keep driving traffic to your Visitor Showcase!
Upload your newest or flagship products that you want to highlight for this audience. (based on sponsorship package)
Your products are what drive traffic to your Visitor Showcase. Get people interested in your brand and your story by catching their attention with new, innovative products.
Don't forget to include important documents like your sales sheets or press releases and add links to showcase your brand story!
You can upload many different types of files. Use this area to upload marketing collateral, white papers, eBooks, Webinars or Podcasts.
Update and add to your Visitor Showcase throughout the 3-day event!
Revamp your video, sidebar banner and even your products to showcase new and exciting updates. Keep visitors coming back again and again by keeping fresh content in your profile.

Want to find our even more ways to enhance your Visitor Showcase?

How to Navigate HR Tech Online
If this is your first time interacting within Swapcard, check out this quick video and learn how to navigate the platform and make the most out of your time within HR Tech Online!
How to Connect with Others
  1. You can explore HR Tech Online participants through the "Attendee" tab.
  2. There are 3 ways to find individuals to connect with on HR Tech Online.
    • Use the "People you should meet” to find other people to network and connect with.
    • Search for a specific individual by typing their name, title, or company into the search bar on the left-hand side.
    • Add keywords and criteria on the left-hand side to inform the matchmaking algorithm that suggests people you should meet!
  3. Click on the name of the individual you want to connect with to see their profile and meeting availability.
  4. We encourage you to write a message before sending your connection request to introduce yourself and explain the reason you are looking to connect.
  5. Click “Send Connection Request.”
Tip: Everyone is accessible through the "Attendee" tab. Connect with attendees, exhibitors, press, speakers, analysts and event staff! You can filter by a participant’s job title, secondary job title and skills!
How to Filter Your Attendee Search
On the left-hand side, use the filters to explore individuals you want to meet with based on the listed criteria.
How to Ask for a 1:1 Meeting
  1. You can find HR Tech Online participants through the "Attendee" tab.
  2. On the left-hand side, use the criteria filter to specify the position of the individuals you want to meet with.
  3. Click on the name of the individual you want to meet with to see their profile and meeting availability.
  4. Click on one of the proposed meeting slots.
  5. After selecting a time slot, you will be able to write a message to the person you want to meet. Let them know why you are interested in speaking more with them!
  6. Click “Send Meeting Request.”
  7. You will be redirected back to that person's profile and will see that your meeting request is pending.
Tip: A pending meeting blocks a meeting time slot. If you need to cancel or edit a meeting request, click "cancel meeting request" within the person's profile to see their availability again.
Understanding How to Manage Your Meetings
NOTE: As a company there are certain steps you need to take to confirm a meeting and assign said meeting to a team member.

Meeting people in the Online Event is at the center of HR Tech! To find out more about how to assign certain team members to a meeting, manage your availability, respond to meeting requests and more, check out this video!
How to Start a Group Chat or Video Call

After connecting with an attendee you can now request a video call with that attendee.

  1. Login to the live event.
  2. Click on messages.Messages Icon
  3. Next to search a contact click on the discussion icon and select your contacts to start the chat. Up to 10 participants are allowed in group chat.
  4. To start a video call with these selected contacts click on the video icon in the upper right corner.
How to Pull Your Leads
For your company:
  1. Go to Exhibitor Center and click the name of your company under your name on the left-hand side.
  2. Using the menu on the left-hand side, click “Team’s Contacts.”
  3. Click “Export All” in the top right-hand corner and wait for the Excel file to download.
Tip: Make sure all team members are sharing their contacts. To do this they must login to Exhibitor Center go to My Team and click on edit next to their name and turn the share contacts button to on.
Screenshot picture of exporting contacts
For your personal profile:
  1. In the top right-hand corner of the home screen click on your name and select My profile, My contacts.
  2. On the left-hand side click on “Download” in the “Export My Contacts” section.
    Screenshot picture of downloading contacts
Tip: The leads download function will only be available for 30 days post event.
Showcase Visitors

Did you miss who visited your showcase? You can now see those individuals who visited your visitor showcase in real time. Go to Exhibitor Center and click on Leads Board.

Booth Visitors Screenshot
How to Increase ROI
Swapcard offers so many ways to improve the quality of your interactions within the platform to get the absolute most out of your time and investment. Check out this link for best practices to increase your ROI before, during and after the event.
How Matchmaking Works
The more you interact in Swapcard, i.e. the more members you add to your Visitor Showcase, and the more in-depth you go in your own profile and your brand’s profile, the more you will match with your targeted audience! Check out this PDF for specifics on how Swapcard’s artificial intelligence works and how to get the most from it!
THANK YOU for being part of this journey ...
we look forward to a successful event!

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